Welding Fumes

Welding Fumes

Toxic and carcinogenic heavy metal fumes, generated during welding activities, can negatively impact the health of workers across many industries, so its important to provide those at risk with a safe place & safe systems of work, as well as monitoring their ongoing health.

Respiratory protection & the provision of filtered air supplies to workers is a good start, but routinely monitoring the contaminants levels in workplace can determine the actual exposure risk.

Maintaining good hygiene reduces the opportunity to ingest contaminants, & by providing a laundry service and showering facilities, we reduce the risk of taking contaminants from a work to a non-work environment, such as public transport, or home.

A no smoking policy at work, with a healthy eating program is good for workers’ health & fitness – reducing the risk of workers inhaling heavy metal contamination from their fingertips when lighting up. Eating healthily increases their levels of calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins to the exclusion of hazardous elements.

Monitoring workers’ health, through annual spirometry, chest X-Ray, Chrome 6, manganese, cadmium, lead testing & skin examinations, lets us know if the controls in place are effective.

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