Why hold ISO Certification?

There are many benefits of holding ISO 45001 OHS Management System certification: 


  • It asserts your organisation as a business leader – It is a level of excellence that is acknowledged worldwide and will help to set you apart from your competitors.


  • It assigns a trust to your business – Transparency and promotion of your corporate social responsibilities can have a huge impact on how the customers, the public, future employees and prospective clients perceive your business. Some government, defence and corporate clients will only work with suppliers who hold ISO45001.


  • Consistency improves efficiency – ISO 45001 certification reinforces the message that an organisation is built around best practice. It sets a common standard for managing risks. Having a strong, consistent standard means that the organisation is more efficient across the board.


  • It lowers insurance premiums – Your commitment to health and safety in implementing ISO 45001, provides a platform which can attract lower insurance premiums. It demonstrates that the organisation applies robust due diligence in managing and protecting their employees.


  • It Increases your return on investment (ROI) – By implementing ISO 45001, staff efficiency improves, whilst workplace injuries reduce. Productivity levels and general employee safety can therefore be improved significantly across the board. A by-product of this is that work-related insurance claims decrease and further improve the cost of insurance for the business.


Quite simply, holding ISO45001 certification reflects on how highly you value the health and safety of your workers, which strengthens the brand image and how you do business.

HAY Safety’s ISO 45001 Lead Auditor is available to discuss the first steps you should take in preparation for ISO45001 certification. 


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