Our Services

Our Services

WHS Audits

• WHS Audits are a core method of assessing whether your WHS management system is effective; • Follow a scheduled audit program, to assure that you comply with your certification needs. • Routine WHS audits can be a sure way to demonstrate continual improvement. • Our Lead Safety Auditor is available to discuss your requirements during office hours (9am-5pm) Monday to Friday.

Integrated Management Systems

• We can develop a range of WHS management systems • Our consultants develop these in consultation with your stakeholders, so that we deliver a finished product that fully meets your requirements.

Risk Assessments

· Identifying, assessing and mitigating risks is a mandatory requirement for all businesses under the WHS Act, WHS Regulations as well as under the respective ISO certifications. · HAY Safety have the experience to undertake risk assessments in most workplaces and can provide training to your staff on how to identify, assess and mitigate workplace-related risks.

Workspace Injuries

• Workplace injuries are often avoidable, yet cost Australian industry over $60 Billion each year. • The HAY Safety Consultancy already help companies to understand their incident trends and how to reduce injury rates. • We develop return to work and injury management plans as a fundamental aspect of the worker’s recovery process.

Workplace Surveillance

• Health hazards can be present in many workplaces and present an opportunity for exposed workers to develop work-related illnesses. • Where there are known hazards to workers’ health, there is a mandatory obligation for employers (PCBU) to monitor the health of those staff members who may be exposed to the hazard. • We have a network of specialists in this field who are able to manage workplace sampling, health surveillance and other business needs such as pre-employment medicals.

WHS Processes

• We know what the key aspects needed for your WHS management system and will make sure all of your bases are covered. • We can develop your procedures, registers, safe operating procedures (SOPs) and any specific needs to ensure the system is right for your needs.

Site Impact

• Deliberate or accidental contamination of soil, air or waterways beneath your premises, could lead to an EPA prosecution and seriously affect your brand reputation and operations. • We have substantial experience in emissions and land management to ensure you keep doing the right thing for your neighbours and the planet.

WHS Options

• The HAY Safety Consultancy is here to support your business. • We consult on Work Health and Safety for companies across Australia, with prompt, professional service.

Performing Reporting

• Working safely is only part of the story. • It’s important that you keep track of how well your WHS is performing. • We can provide you with the tools to enable you to keep your senior leaders in the picture.

“Winter Magic is the premier event of the Blue Mountains and takes place on one of the coldest days of the year, outdoors on a sloping street, with tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of stallholders, performers, and volunteers in a wide range of venues. Our risk profile is very high so we needed best-practice advice. We are so grateful that we engaged Greg Hay to help us. He went above and beyond and was always a friendly and reassuring presence, from the initial planning stages right through the event, and during the reviews. Greg helped us run Winter Magic more smoothly and safely than ever before.”


Naomi Parry, President of the Katoomba Winter Magic Festival Inc, 2018-2020.